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Most startups take months or even years to develop their product and get it ready for actual customers. Even then, there is no guarantee of success, which makes it a risky endeavour to start.

What if you could take your idea and build a startup from scratch in under 30 days? The 30 Day Startup is a new approach being adopted across the tech startup world. Instead of taking months or even years to build a (minimal viable product) MVP of your startup idea, reduce the scope to the point where you can release the first version in six weeks or less.

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Billion dollar startups, including Airbnb® and Dropbox®, started with MVPs built and shipped in a just a few days?

The 30 Day Startup is a must read for anyone with ideas for a new product or those who want to grow their existing startup. It is filled with practical tactics that you can implement straight away
Jenny Wheeler Serial Entrepreneur, Author and Writer
This book is no BS case in point book highlighting practical ideas to launch MVP. The author does not waste time in fluffing the concept, which is rare nowadays where a 250-page book would only have 30-page of content as key takeaways. To-be founders and those launching new product feature would absolutely love this book. I am a late stage founder but the stories and learnings shared are highly stimulating. Must read!
Manmit S. CEO, Dextro Analytics Inc.
Start small and grow fast

Learn the low-risk, high-reward way to take your idea, build it into a startup and scale it.

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Case studies of successful startups will help you avoid costly mistakes and reach users and profits faster.

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Get practical tips and actionable strategies that’ll get your startup off the ground.

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Startups such as Twitter® and Canva® grew their user base from thousands to millions by spending zero marketing dollars?

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Proven MVP product strategies to limit your risks and ship in six weeks or less

About Author - Sam Kamani

Sam is a serial entrepreneur, co-Founder and CEO of ProductDone, the company on a mission to democratise software development. Since graduating in Computer Science, Sam has worked in three continents and continues to work with startups in New Zealand and Silicon Valley.


About Author – Will Schmidt

Will is the head honcho at Orchid, a software development shop based in Auckland, New Zealand, that combines innovation and business strategy to help both startups and corporates build exciting digital products.

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